Psycho Busters
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How PsychoBusting is carried out - 

The Duke and Duchess of Manchester 
​    Low End Behavior, essentially bottom feeders using the inherited title of Alex Montagu to con the credulous and evade the repercussions.  

Green Hills Software and Craig Franklin 
   High End Behavior.  Very intelligent individuals, cooperating  to accomplish goals which include making money from providing highly questionable products to the war industry.  Enabling the psychopathic tendencies of Franklin became essential to the financial success of the corporation.  

Morgan and Jay E. Gell 
​   Mixed Behavior. Morgan (born Barteaux), is more intelligent than her half brother and far more successful as a manipulator.   Complicated by evidence Jay E. Gell is an agent working for Bush Co.  

The Barteaux Family
  Low End Behavior.  While the Barteauxs have access to significant wealth the behavior, first of Richard Lee Barteaux, Senior and then his son, Richard Lee Barteaux, Junior, is limited to self-gratification and the abuse of his family members.  

Rayelan Allan
   Evidence, her own statements, point to the strong possibility Rayelan, born Darlene Rae Smith, was trained by the CIA as an operative.  But because her lies are so systemic it is impossible to accept her statements as true without further evidence.  However, the proof she is an Psy Cannibal and psychopathic is solid.  
The trauma of contact with a psychopath may be brief - but it can also go on for a lifetime.  These are websites we have constructed which provide examples of how you go about defending yourself from the psychopath in your life.  

All sites rely on documentation of the behavior which must be independently certifiable.  A  Time Line is nearly always included.  While we cannot 'diagnose' the behavior, as professionals, we can, and do, document the behavior, allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions.