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The PsychoBusters
 Melinda Pillsbury-Foster is a journalist, author and writer. She is an Executive Producer for Hi TV Networks, and has written extensively on the issue of psychopathy.  She is also a columnist for the Lone Star Iconoclast in Texas, the small town paper which shook the world in 2004 by endorsing John Kerry over George W. Bush, War President.  

  She is the founder and president of the Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation and the mother of five children.  

  She survived two  psychopathic marriages, the first to Richard Lee Barteaux, the deceased father of Richard Lee Barteaux, Jr., and her eldest daughter, Morgan Barteaux Gell, who is also a psychopath.  The site is available at: Barteaux, The Family Story.  Her second psychopathic spouse is Craig Franklin.  His story can be found both on the site dedicated to him and the corporation which, itself, illustrates psychopathic behavior in business, Green Hills Software, Inc.   Craig Franklin and Green Hills Software.  More on both can be found at The Duke and Doxie of Manchester.
Gail Lightfoot is a Registered Nurse and former candidate for U. S. Senate for the Libertarian Party who is well aware of the characteristics of Psychopathy and the resulting problems.  
 Jillkster C Fried - I never questioned the abundant challenges in my normal daily life until I stopped to listen to people around me, my Mom, friends, even strangers say, "your life is NOT normal". I had married young to someone, I believed, I could trust. 

Years of agonizing marriage destroyed all possibility for trust. 

I saw myself as an everyday Mom struggling to raise her children through the adversity of a high conflict custody battle which has stretched over 11 years, with no end in sight. 

I have been in court every month at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. My former husband is indifferent to our children, using them as weapons to destroy me - without conscience.   

This past year has opened my eyes to the trauma they have been forced to endure.  

I have had to rethink and re-teach simple day to day actions and concepts, but the epiphany finally hit.  

I need to know how many other Moms are struggling this much? Has anyone else witnessed a child develop backwards? I am outraged with the court system, which has enabled this abuse of myself and my children and burn with the need to do something so that other women and children do not suffer needlessly at the hands of justice system and their Ex's that fuel that system. 

 Children are suppose to be protected. Mine have been dealt anything but protection. It's absurd. I am passionate about this issue and speaking up to all of the families out there who are suffering, too. Let's become noticed. Let us take back our lives today so we may once again find hope in our tomorrow's. I am ready to be heard. I am ready to be free of the endless turmoil inflicted by psychopathic ex's enabled by money and a system of law which has failed.

I am an interior designer by trade. This battle has affected my career, stealing ten years of my children's childhood. I can't ever get those years back. Sooner than later the children will develop a deep understanding of what they really lost. That will be a very painful day for me. I must stand up and be heard. I mustn't lose another cherished childhood moment to this non-sense. I am Jillkster Fried and welcome to my story.  Barteaux, The Family Story