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        Psychopaths bring chaos, despair, pain, and insolvency to everyone they touch.  They feed on us through deceit, manipulation and violence taking what we create and also the very energy which gives us life.  And it has been going on for a very long time.           

         Using transparency and accountability we can change this for all of us.   And television, using PhoneVoter is more than just transparent it is transformational. 
              In finance, in the corporate world, in politics, at your local bank, and in your own family.  Their impact on your life is devastating, often destroying everything you and your family worked to build.   

              Psychopaths are estimated to make up between 1 - 4% of the population but account for massive costs in financial losses and human suffering.   Although the percentage seems small the fact is all of us are likely to meet psychopaths during our lifetimes, or be impacted by one or more of them through others we know who suffer trauma and loss.   
             Courts ignore their perjuries; their violence and abuse continue to go unchecked. Their serial frauds are ignored.  Our system has failed, in large part, because the system is now controlled by the psychopaths who see us as prey.  It is time for action, action which we can initiate ourselves.   The weapons we need are truth, transparency and the accountability exacted by others who see and understand.  
             On this site we connect you to resources and provide the tools to fight back, to save yourself, what you have, your family, and possibly even your life.  
            Today, the understanding of psychopathy is increasing  rapidly in the general, normal population.  In parallel, an understanding of how disordered individuals have impacted us economically, socially, and politically, is also increasing.  
           Read the PsychoBusters Blog for more information, along with the resources available at LifeStealersLove Fraud, and through the Hare Organization.  Robert Hare is deemed to be one of the leading authorities on psychopathy in the world today.      

The Television Show
Listen, learn to protect yourself and those you love from the psychopaths among us through the stories of real people.   

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